Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers in 2015 reviews

Having a portable ice maker is one of those luxuries that anyone can enjoy. They are a pricey first outlay of cash, but they work hard to make lots of ice during the day, and that is a wonderful time saver. Most people who buy them do so because they were simply sick of using plastic trays in their freezer and waiting hours for the water to freeze into ice cubes. There is never enough in the trays to satisfy a large group, or to keep the flow of ice going fast enough on long, hot and thirsty days. Buying ice at the store is costly over the long haul, too. Not to mention the extra trips when the ice runs out unexpectedly. This option is a very nice one, within limitations. But, for those who have the luck of buying sturdy machines, the benefits far outweigh the problems.

10. Portable Ice Maker Model HZB-12SA by Dometic

Dometic HZB-12SA Compact Portable Ice Maker, Stainless Finish

This stainless finish ice maker will produce ice within 13 minutes, and has the capacity to produce up to 26 pound of ice every 24 hour period. It is a compact and portable unit. The majority of those who own it really like its ability to make large or small cubes and that they have a nearly continuous flow of ice all day.

9. EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker

EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker


With 130 fairly positive customer reviews, this product will make ice in 10 minutes flat. It holds up to 2 pounds of ice at a time, and will make up to 28 pounds daily. The majority of those who own it like its simple ability to keep their freezers filled with ice cubes. The product is not a freezer, so ice cubes will melt inside the storage area after a while, but people do use it to create ice to use rather than store, or they just stock their freezers while it runs because it makes the ice faster than their freezers can.

8. Smart+ Products Ice Maker Model SPP15AIM

Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker

Though not a freezer, this stainless steel ice maker will store up to two pounds of ice and has the ability to make 33 pounds of it each day. The majority of the 150 customers who purchased this portable item gave it favorable reviews for making ice for parties. They note that it takes about half an hour to get enough ice to use for an event, and the ice dumps into a storage bin but does not keep it frozen. It is not intended to replace a freezer, but it does make ice more quickly than a refrigerator freezer does. Some customers only got a year or two of use before the item stopped working, and that prompted lower ratings and reviews.

7. NewAir Model AI-100SS Portable Ice Maker

NewAir AI-100SS 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker, Stainless Steel

With a 15 minute wait time to start producing ice, this stainless steel ice maker is up and working more quickly than other models. It is designed to plug into an electrical outlet and fill with bottled water. It will work continuously once started so that you can fill bags of ice for storage in your freezer. Its storage compartment will keep the bullet shaped ice cubes it makes cool for a short while, but not frozen. Most owners use it to quickly stock up for events. A few of the 152 customers who own it found that it quit working within 6 months to a year after they bought it.

6. Compact Ice Maker by ICE102

ICE102 Compact Ice Maker

The 171 customers who own this machine appreciate its ability to create a batch of ice cubes in about 6 minutes time. At least 54% gave it a five star rating. It will make two sizes of ice cubes and those who like it use it regularly. The machine recycles the melting ice in its storage bin to create more ice. Most found that it takes about an hour to get up to full speed, and then creates about a pound every hour. Some discovered that the key to breakdowns is to stop the unit, clean it and reset it, which solves many stopping problems.

5 Portable High Capacity Ice Maker by Ivation

Ivation Portable High Capacity Ice Maker

This handy machine will make up to 26 and a half pounds of ice every day. It has a reservoir to hold about 2.8 liters of water. It does produce an average of 9 ice cubes at a time, fairly consistently and will keep them cold because the storage area is insulated. It will not keep the cubes frozen, but will recycle the melted water back into the machine to make more cubes. The 232 customers who own this product like it fairly well, and enjoy the convenience it offers of ready ice during the time it’s plugged in. You can choose among three different cube sizes. You must refill the reservoir regularly to keep producing ice.

4. Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker – White

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker - White

This sleek machine fits easily on a countertop, uses bottled or tap water and can make 26 pounds of ice each day. It is heavy for its size, some customers report. Over 298 owners left 4 star reviews or lower. The main reason that people feel upset about this product, if they do at all, is because it quit making ice for them within a few months after they purchased it. For those that still have their unit up and running, the general consensus is that it works great considering the reasonable price they paid for it.

3. Igloo Counter Top Ice Maker: Stainless Steel Model ICE102ST

Igloo ICE102ST Counter Top Ice Maker, Stainless Steel

Available in stainless steel, silver, red and black, this is a stylish product that might just be perfect for that fashion forward individual. It features LED electronic controls, two sizes of ice and a 26 pound per day ice output. Customers use this machine all day, leaving it on to gather the ice from its basket. Any ice that melts automatically is returned to make more ice. It is well insulated, but not a freezer, so you cannot store ice in it. Some of the 511 owners who posted reviews were very upset when their units stopped working a few months before the warranty ran out, but received no help from customer service to solve their problem satisfactorily.

2. NewAir Icemaker, Portable Model AI-100R

NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker, Red

This product comes in four vivid colors, including Red, Vermillion Orange, Cyan Blue, Silver and Black. It has LED controls and three ice sizes. It is compact and will produce 28 pounds of ice daily. Sixty percent of 983 customers gave this a five star rating. It is a popular machine that many owners like. Some owners have had problems with getting replacement parts from the company and are not happy with the customer service, which takes complaints with no results.

1. Avalon Bay Ice Maker, Portable Model AB-ICE26S

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

Over 760 customers reviewed this #1 Best Seller in Ice Makers. This very popular machine received a 5 star rating from 66% of owners. It makes fresh ice in about 6 minutes and will produce up to 26 pounds a day. It comes in bright Silver, Black and Red and fits nicely on a kitchen countertop. The biggest problem that people notice is that it is loud. Other than that, it functions well, and many have owned this brand for a long time.

All portable ice making machines have similar features. They pretty much make similar amounts of ice in small batches. They are not refrigerators, so the ice melts and is made into more ice. They allow owners to take the small batches and freeze them while making more, and they will produce anywhere from 26 to 28 pounds of ice per day, for the most part. Many consumers find that they are time saving and welcome additions to their lives. For those who own the machines that break down quickly, the welcome wears out just as quickly. It is probably a good idea to buy the best in its class, and enjoy it for its lifetime…whatever that may be.

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